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“With our Last Look Policy, we will beat the exact price quote you have on your vehicle if you allow us to take the last look at your vehicle before you decide to sell it elsewhere. If we can’t beat the price you've been offered, we’re ready to mail you a $100 cheque! At VINCash, we want to be the ones to give you the absolute best offer.”

Billy Jay

Happy Customers

Our customers love us so much, it's hard not to brag about them!
Terry Christensen
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This is so much more logical than trading your car in. Car dealers make trading or selling them a car a complicated process of negotiation. Once I spoke to VINCash, I literally stopped thinking about it . They found me a buyer for my Porsche 911 Turbo in the USA within hours. I got more than any of the 6 dealers offered me on trade or to outright buy. No brainer.

Arthur Charlie
Inuvik, NWT

I was in urgent need of funds and required someone to take care of all the procedures including pickup of my 2013 Chevy Silverado in NWT. My truck was broken down in the Inuvik and I needed to get back to work in Whitehorse. VINCash representatives were very understanding and keen to help. I had no issue and wasted no time dealing with them.

Shayla Jensen
Lamont, Alberta

VINCash has made car selling a lot easier. After weeks of pointless back and forth with private sale tire-kickers and scammers I finally came across VINCash. After submitting the details for my X6 I got an offer back instantly and the car was picked up from my driveway the next day. My brother is using them to sell his Corvette right now!

Kevon Gonku

VINCash representatives were polite and helped me through the entire process patiently. Unlike a car dealership, these guys don’t make you feel like you have to fight to get the best offer on your used car. I’ve spoken to one of the owners and they actually bid your car out across the continent. We have 9 cars on our farm and I think we will sell each and everyone through this platform. Kudos VINCash.

Dina Remy

Though I was facing some problems with getting all the details I needed for the QuickPay option, the representative who helped me managed to keep his composure and remained professional. Impressed by the way they handle challenges. They had a bank draft hand delivered to my work the next day! Thanks Shelly from VINCash. I needed the money for a down payment on my Range Rover and you came through.


We're a local car dealer and we put our all of our non-saleable vehicles through VINCash. These guys know how to find you top dollar whether it may be selling to a provincial auction or exporting out of the country. Hassle-free and lets us focus on our business. They have even taken a quad and a school bus of our hands!

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